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Posted by on Nov 25, 2017

Do you want to have a go at remixing my songs? I’d like you to have a go. That’s why I’ve uploaded all of the files that make up each song; you can take them and do anything you want with them.

You can find the album here, in case you’ve got no idea what you’re getting into.

The links to each song go to a zip file with all of the different elements of the songs in wav files. There’s also a text file that has the key, tempo and length of each song. I’ve updated these now so that they also include the original MIDI files, that might be useful if you want to use a different instrument with the same notes or edit drum parts. Each instrument isn’t exactly named that logically but when I started making these it didn’t occur to me that you’d be able to see them one day.

These are big zip files as each song has quite a lot of bits to them.

Octopalypse (458mb)

Mister Tompkin’s Unexpected Surprise (346mb)

Somnulance (261mb)

Serious Issue (227mb)

Yeah, They’re Dead (197mb)

Surge (233mb)

Decade Wave (150mb)

Retrocade (424mb)

Take The Lane (290mb)

Rubicon (446mb)

If you manage to make something out of these please let me know as I’d really like to share the remixes.

Good luck.